Good morning lovely Cats,
yesterday we were in the playmobil funpark.
(for all people who don't know what that is - Link below)
I love this park, because it's good for all ages. I also had fun.
There you can climb, train your balance, drive with Pedal-Gokarts, or enjoy the time while the kids are playing.
It is the best entertainment park for the whole family.
And I was totally done - so many movements on one day ;-)

The different between the normal amusement parks is that you have to do something by yourself. You have to go in action.
Not only sitting in a rollercoaster, or in a carousel.

By the way, I think it is important to built more playgrounds like this, because the kids have a lot of fun and can "workout" while playing. And also the youth and grownups - and that is important for the little kids. They need more active adults.

I wish more cities will build playgrounds like this.

That is good for your body and your soul. You can relax on the gras, or "workout" at the different stations.

It was a funny day with the whole family and the six hours went too fast.

What's your favourite trip with the family?

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24-Jul-2015, 11:24